Why Deep Linking In Mobile Apps Is Important?

kristen gorge
kristen gorge

Posted On: Feb 22, 2018

Why Deep Linking In Mobile Apps Is Important?


The concept of mobile app deep linking is becoming more popular among businesses. Many businesses want to install this mechanism into their iOS and Android mobile apps. Several mobile app development services are including this concept in their projects. It is a belief that this concept has the remarkable potential to drive the sales of businesses. Experts say that this can be an important strategy for app marketing. Let’s know why deep linking is essential.

What is deep linking?

To direct users to a specific location within the mobile app we use deep links. With the help of deep links, mobile apps can communicate with the mobile web and other apps. In this process, we use clickable links and that direct user to a specific landing page or screen inside the app. It shortens the users' path to the piece of content and reduces the conversion friction.

What types of apps can be benefited from app linking?

The mobile apps for hotel booking, shopping, travel, news, and music can be benefited from deep linking, and as these apps have the potential to serve specific products, promo pages, and offers. With deep linking, the user can navigate directly to a certain product. It also helps in increasing the conversion rate. Mobile app developers at Fifium, utilize this concept in different types of mobile apps as per the need. 

Why you must adopt deep linking in your mobile app?

With the use of emergence of standard deep linking, business used to consider that deep links works only if a user had installed the app. However, now the perception has been changed with the advent of deferred deep linking. Deep linking not just drives user engagement but also improves the user experience, onboarding process and helps in promoting apps.
Here are some Benefits of Deep Linking

1. Improves use experience: Easy and seamless navigation allows users to access content easily.

2. Increases user retention and engagement: users frequently use the app and it doubles the retention rate.

3. User Onboarding: Personalized onboarding experience driven by contextual deep links can help you send app invites and offers in onboarding flow.

4. Users Re-engagement: To encourage app usage among inactive users, you can direct them to specific content instead of the generic home screen. It helps you re-engaging the users.

5. Increase the app discoverability: You must consider that Google indexes mobile app links. Yes, it means, your app content can appear in search engine results. This increases the discoverability of your app through search

Apart from these, there are several other benefits of deep linking such as improved app marketing, comprehensive insight into marketing campaign effectiveness and more. We at Fifium, comprehend the contemporary market demands. Being a trusted mobile app development agency, we provide mobile apps that can augment your revenues. Deep linking cannot only generate revenues but can also bring users to your app. By integrating this concept in your app, you can surge the app usage. If you want to know more about Android mobile app development speak with us.

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