Most Common Technical Interview Questions asked to Freshers

Mayank Kumar
Mayank Kumar

Posted On: Nov 26, 2022

Most Common Technical Interview Questions asked to Freshers


The word interview brings in a great deal of excitement and anxiety. This article will clarify a few technical Interview questions for freshers candidates.

Here are some technical Interview questions for freshers.

1. Tell me a bit about yourself?

This will be the first question and also seems to be a simple question. Instead of explaining personal details, candidates can tell about their accomplishments. This makes them seem right for the job and how the experience helps them for the job.

2. How did you know about the job?

Candidates can explain what they knew and add their interest in the job.

3. How did you know about the company?

The interviewer here expects the candidates to answer in relation to the mission and how that impacts the candidate.

4. Why do you want to take this job?

The candidate should review the job description and answer according to those factors.

5. Tell us why should we hire you for this job?

This is a common question. Candidates can impress by telling how capable they are, how well they deliver results and how they can act as a team.

6. What are your career strengths?

Candidates must answer considering the job description.

7. What are your weaknesses?

Candidates must answer this carefully and not let themselves down. They can tell that they are improving to overcome their weakness.

8. What are your greatest achievements?

Here, candidates can explain with examples. On how they will take up a work and finish it with clarity giving positive results.

9. How did you deal with conflicts in your previous job?

Again, take up an example to explain how he/she deals with and finds solutions.

10. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

They can explain how they see themselves working in a company like that and they will make it reach higher.

11. In your point of view, what's your dream job?

This explains how the candidate is fit for a long term in the position or not. So they can tell about their ambitions and goals.

12. What other companies and jobs have you applied for?

Hiring managers ask this to know about the candidate's skills and how serious they are about the job. The answer could be that they are looking for options in the same industry.

13. Why did you leave the current company you were working?

Candidates must tell that this job is widening their opportunities.

14. Why were you fired from your last job?

Candidates must be honest here. They can tell that it was a learning experience and now they have improved.

15. What are you looking for, in this new job?

Candidates should tell what the job actually offers.

16. What do you think is an ideal work environment?

Candidates must not give unrealistic answers. They can explain a similar work environment in that company.

17. What is your management or leadership strategy?

Stating an example from project experiences, freshers can quote that they are very firm and flexible. They render teamwork and how it helped them in their previous projects. This is a technical Interview question for freshers.

18. Tell us where you once exhibited leadership.

Candidates must highlight a real-life example and express how their smart work helped in leading projects.

19. Tell us about a time when you disagreed with a decision made before.

Candidates can explain how they disagreed upon a fact and how that disagreement resulted optimistically. If the candidate does not have any experience like that, they can use the help of a project made and how a different idea could have made it better.

20. How would your boss and colleagues describe you?

Hiring managers may cross-check so candidates should be honest. They can tell how dedicated they were to a given project. They can also mention how their personal strengths mattered among previous job experience.

21. Why is there a gap in your employment history?

The candidate must explain the real reason.

22. Explain why have you changed careers?

Candidate must bring in relevant answers. They can tell how alteration in career has brought wider opportunities for them.

23. How do you handle stress or pressure?

This is a relevant technical Interview question for freshers. Freshers must instigate a positive attitude right from the beginning of the interview. While answering this question they must seem positive and humble.

24. What would you do in the first few weeks after your hiring?

Candidates must be clear in explaining how they must get familiar. They can add they will try reforming certain things for its betterment.

25. What is your salary expectation?

This is a common technical Interview question for freshers. Sites like Payscale and Glassdoor can be of help to freshers. They must self-learn about themselves and set up a maximum amount for themselves. This must be clear and reasonable.

26. What would you like to do after job hours?

Brief about hobbies. Candidates can also tell that they are interested in a technical course according to their job description.

27. How many tennis balls could fit in a limousine?

This could be a technical Interview question for freshers for quantitative jobs. This tests their analytical skills. They must be quick.

28. If you were an animal which one would you see yourself as?

There can be no specific way to answer. These questions check how fast the candidate is in thinking.

29. Do you want to have children?

This is an irrelevant question.

30. What do you think we should change or do differently?

This tests the candidate's research about the company and the job. The more intelligent the candidate answers the more eligible he/she becomes.

31. How do you handle success?

This definitely is a technical Interview question for freshers. The hiring managers will expect an example from the candidate. In the example, candidates must highlight the fact that teamwork was a great key to their success.

32. You can ask us any question that you have now.

The candidates can ask as many questions as possible. This might help them decide if the job is fitting or not.

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