Keys to a successful interview: Tips and Tricks


Posted On: Jun 05, 2020

Keys to a successful interview: Tips and Tricks


A job interview is one of the best chances to achieve your dreams and show all your proficiency and strength. An interview is considered as the proper, in-depth communication between two people where information is been exchanged. One of the important points to be followed is that you should speak in the interview questions and answers in English.

There are different types of interviews that take place. Some of them are:

  • Structured interview
  • Unstructured interview
  • Mixed Interview
  • Face to face Interview.
  • Panel Interview
  • Telephonic Interview
  • Video Interview

Things you should do before the Interview

One of the famous phrases is "First Impression Is The Best Impression". So the time you reach to the job interview office, your appearance, and your behavior will be judged from that time only. You may not realize, but the receptionist or the other employees in the office will consider your each and every action.

Some of the things you should take care before the interview and they are:

  1. Being on time is very important. It will show the interviewer that how much punctual you are.
  2. In the waiting room behavior matter the most. While you are sitting in the waiting room, there will be a receptionist. She will be the first to judge you in the job interview. She will give the report to the interviewer about you and how you behaved in the waiting room. So you should behave properly while sitting in the waiting because the waiting room is one of the first levels for getting the dream job.
  3. While waiting for the interview, turn-off your phone. This is the level in which you will be judged. If you are on the phone all the time while you are sitting for the interview, it can be the disturbing point for the other people attending for the interview. On the other hand, this is really unprofessional. So one of the best points while attending the interview is you should always keep your mobile in the silent mode or in the flight mode.
  4. While sitting for the job interview you should also notice the vibes of the office. Vibes are one of the most important things. You should keep an eye to each and every activity going on in the office. So that you can have a clear image of the office in which you might work in the near future. Keep an eye on each and every employee who is working in the office and try to understand his or her behavior.
  5. Try not to waste time by doing some unprofessional things. In the meantime until and unless your name is being called, try to assemble all the common questions and answers that will be asked by the interviewer in the interview. Try to recall all the things so that with the assurance you can go in front of the interviewer for a face-to-face interview. Try to revise the interview questions and answers in English.

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Things you should do while going for the Interview

  1. While attending the interview you should always be polite and gentle to the other person attending the interview. This is one of the most important points. Being a friendly person will always show a good manner. So while you are talking to the receptionist, you should try to impress while showing your good manners. You should sit up straight while talking to the other person. But talking with the receptionist doesn’t mean you should be very chatty or flirt with the receptionist because this will fall in bad manners.
  2. Giving the interview questions and answers in English is one of the toughest jobs. It is common to feel nervous. So to overcome your nervousness, you should calm down at that moment only. Try to do some exercise like breathing in and out.
  3. Sitting in front of the interviewer try to sit in the proper condition because to get a job, body language also plays a role. So try to sit properly and be confident in front of the interviewer. The body language will show the interviewer that how you will tackle the situation which will come in front of you.
  4. After doing the entire job interview thank the interviewer. This will show the respect you will be giving to the employee and you can also shake hands with them.

At last, try to follow all the stepping because this step will help you to get your dream job. Always try to tell the interview questions and answers in English.

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