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Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


IOT: An Introduction

IoT is the abbreviation of Internet of Things which is the connection of physical gadgets such as phone, sensors, laptops, computers etc which are not just wired boxes but also the one that has software programmed in it which makes these things to transfer and share data without human's external command and this creates a space for the integration of the human into the computer-based systems.

This is the best way to use the resource in an efficient and sustainable manner. The maximum utilization of the resources is done in the fruitful perspective. Resources are the most important factor for the lives of a living being and using them in the right proportion at the right time with the most attainable stage is what is necessary.

The use of the Internet has gone throw a drastic increase over a year and the usage of the IoT devices are hiking the markets. The aim of the markets is to achieve the target of reaching the rate of $ 7.1 trillion within the consecutive year and by the time of 2025 around $ 70 trillion is expected to be the outcome. IoT is not just having an Internet connection in Smartphone's, desktop, laptops, and tablets but the motto is to take it beyond this caliber that has been fixed in the customer's mind. To throw light over the IoT now there has been a new arrival of driverless vehicles emerging which makes the IoT attain more heed.

For a matter of observation think of you being on your way from office and you are too restless and you want your place to cool by the time you enter. At the present day you need to unlock your home and then need to use the remote to on the A/C and after minutes you get the effect of it. But if IoT expands the situation will change that is by the time you leave for home and from there you just need to have a command tool from there which will make the room prepared for you. And that will make you feel better to be a human of the planet and that you are not an animal.

Where IoT can be applied and used?

IoT can be a boost for the business firm and they are the rapid growing Industrial tool. Already due to the use of the Internet in the smartphone's business firms have made their work easy and it's reaching a large number of people with this facility. According to the industries they have a huge list of the places where they are carving the way to apply and utilize it soon.

1. Operational information transformation:

Machines in the industries do port the products from one base point to another but the operation that has been performed can be shared with another field of workers for the prerequisite knowledge of the upcoming products. And this will make them take time and think to do it in the more proficient way.

2. Tool management:

There is too many crucial equipments maintained by the industries for production and they are designed in a very minute and bunch of process. In case of any sudden damage and lagging of the machine, the IoT can help in ensuring the safety by producing a notification to the industry by means of a message or by producing sound.

3. Rapping off the finished products:

By the technological development we can use the IoT sensor which can be used in products when they are packed or while manufacturing so that when the goods are being on their ways to the customer it can transit the weather or road's condition and so on. So that these will help the packing committee to know the further improvement and change in their packing to not let the deterioration of the goods that are packed.

4. Supply chain optimization:

When the product is been fixed with a sensor then it will give information every second that is been processing from polishing it to giving a final touch and packing it. The information will be with you when every process is done and this will show at what stage the damage has occurred and what to be corrected over there. And you can easily reject the defective product using the sensor from getting packed.

Not just industrially IoT can be a benefit well it can also create a great impact over the human's personal life such the example of a person leaving for home from the office after becoming too restless. IoT makes the parts of one single object communicate each other in sense they transmit information through the way they are programmed. For example, a car we can see sometimes it have a problem in engine thus the car don’t move the wheel loses air this is because the sensor transmits the information in their language and only reverts if the engine is fixed.

The best Programming language used for Development IOT

It is really not an easy job to find a programming language for IoT. It is such a way like finding a hardware platform. There are diverse programming languages for IoT projects but the below mentioned are the best ones and easy to handle which is not complicated.

1. C Programming Language

The basic language in IoT system is C programming language and C is the foundation for various platforms. This may not make a great level projects but this is the basic to create an IoT project of the high requirement.

2. Java

It is a portable coding platform and the developer can create the program in any computer and carry the program on to another computer for debugging using the Java Virtual Machine. It has the capacity to run on JVMs platform where ever it is present.

3. Python

This is one of those languages that are been most used for web application and this has already attained a huge attention in the IoT system. The language is said to be a huge book holder and it gets multiple functions done with few syntaxes. It is the best app to arrange the database in a suitable manner such that it looks formally and it is the right choice available for the database tables.

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4. Swift

It is not the name of a car but it is a programming language which has the capacity to design and develop apps for MacOs or Apple iOS devices. The libraries have the high storage capacity as it assigns works easily for a home project of IoT and it is the easier developers to focus on the task.

These were just a few languages that are the most used and there are still trending languages like PHP, JavaScript etc that has unique features and a few specialties like another platform.

IoT pros and cons

Like the two said of a coin there is always a good as well as a negative case in each matter. It gives out a positive impact when you make a use it for the right matter of concern and when you get allured to IoT you must not get through the technology for the defective way which will not be a loss for other but just for you. Using it beyond the limit will make you lose your natural life and make you feel artificial and unbothered of anything.

Pros/Benefits of IoT

1. Increase the worthiness of money you invest:

As the electronic appliances, you by paying a high amount of money and if they communicate with one other for an effective manner and this allows the appliances make up the best part of the human's daily routine. By letting the data to be shared the electronic devices are making a man more independent and this makes his work easy and he didn’t fix a person or spend time on knowing the flaws in the machine's function and else.

2. No more use of notes

To buy grocery for home or to buy a manufacturing product for the company then you need not have to write it with a pen and paper or not even by using notes in your Smartphone's if IoT is been utilized as it will transfer the information to within a click of a button with the complete details of what is available and what are the requirements.

3. Unexpected worthy output:

Without the external command of a human when the physical components of the wireless machines connect to one other and create an output which will be a high amount of automation of working. This will be such a wonderful creation of human for their benefits and even for the future.

4. Communication

IoT has made the communication bi-directional with high speed even in such long distances. Communication is not only written or voice but also seeing a person eye to eye has become possible. There can be no impossibility assure that soon we will be able to feel a person near us when we see them in the cameras.

Cons/Defects of IoT

1. Lazy attitude

In the present scenario, we can already find the new generation being a complete addict to Smartphones. When the IoT hits the peak then every individual will be independent of humans but he will relay more upon technology and will stop giving work to his brain and which will never bring him out to the world. Anything beyond a limit is a poison which exactly suits the IoT.

2. Privacy concern

When we get into the computer world we find so many crimes even going on in the digital world. To have a complete utilization of IoT you will have to provide information accordingly to get your needs full and there is a chance for the information to hacked and cause a threat to you and your personal security. When we take this case on the account of a company then all their secrets will be retrieved and it will be a great loss for the organization.

3. Unemployment problem

Humans are a vital source of energy for the development of a nation and if humans never used their brains then we would not have had so much technological development. Once the work of human is done perfectly by an automated machine or appliance or electric stuff then these gadgets will be taken into the working population and the virtual people will be thrown out and this will bring down the employment rate of a nation and will spoil the life of a man.

4. Sudden damage

Every system gets one or the other defect in it when it is used. It is not a big concern in the case of a phone but when it happens to an automated bus then it will lead to death and injury of so many people. This unexpected damage and failure can be the great drawback of these IoT.


As of now, let it be the private sector or the government they are making the use of the Internet for everything possible and they are trying to use the machines as the mentor between the users and the organization. There has never been fall in the development of technology since the last decade. Well, different countries and industries are having a heavy competition in achieving the IoT in a faster and incredible manner to stay in the most demanded products.

It is not easy to have everything in a device and sit free handed and free minded without getting worried. As this is a more crucial issue for both the private and public sector organization to store their privacy securely by saving it. But whatever security measures may come to existence but still it is being a hard task to keep the information confidential. IoT is going to be the major issue that is going to bring changes in both positive as well as negative way. And this is going to a task of touching the sky for everyone all over the globe. Not much of the time span is left to meet the fight of technology and the human brain. And this will strike the people in society to great extent.

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