Five ERP Questions to Ask ERP Companies before You Buy


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018

Five ERP Questions to Ask ERP Companies before You Buy


ERP solutions can either make or break your business (and your bank account) which is why it's so important to do the math and ask the right ERP questions before selecting an ERP vendor and an ERP system. To help you along the way, we've addressed five of the most important ERP questions to address when talking to ERP companies.

1. What is the overall cost/discount?

When it comes to determining the price evaluation, you need to get your ERP vendor to be upfront with you. Similar to car dealings, there is a price, a sale price and then a real price. ERP systems will always be inflated so the vendors can make a profit. You need to know the truth behind the money. To do this, you need to let them know that you are looking around for the best deal at all times. If an ERP vendor assumes they have closed the deal, then they will most likely inflate their price. Do the research and get quotes from a number of ERP companies to make sure you are getting what you pay for.

2. What are the benefits of your product?

All ERP software should be able to provide you will an easier way to control your manufacturing business. ERP software will also be able to eliminate the paperwork and the extra data that piles up on your desk. It can reduce overhead costs and allows for a smoother operation overall. These are the basic benefits of ERP solutions. Make sure you address the ERP question about how an ERP vendor's system can personally help your company. Ask for examples; ask for figures; ask for statistics. All ERP systems will inevitably help you out, but what specific needs will be fulfilled with their product?

3. What are ERP features offered?

ERP systems should do more than just handle your finances. Make sure your ERP software also comes with manufacturing, supply chain management, financial management, project management and human resource management.

4. What are customized features offered?

Make sure you include the ERP question about customization. Most ERP systems will be customized to your company profile and your goals. After all, no two businesses run exactly the same. Make sure you discuss the customization aspect of the software in regards to the time frame, ease of use and integration into your current system.

5. What support is offered?

End your ERP questions and answers period with the service feature. Does the ERP vendor offer 24-hour customer service and support? Is there training provided? What happens if something goes wrong with the ERP software? Will a technician come to the office or will you be left out to dry? Your ERP service should not end with your ERP software receipt.

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