7 Tips to get more likes and comments on Facebook


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018

7 Tips to get more likes and comments on Facebook


Tips to get more likes and comments on Facebook.

Often we tend to make our friends on Facebook any status we should post and comment on, otherwise, we would not intentionally post something right. Our goal is to build a communication. At most, however, it is so that they are lucky enough to get just 5-10 comments and a few likes. But the contributions look pretty lonely. Also, of course, does not look good on your profile, especially if your Facebook account is a fan page for your company.

How do you get more Likes and comments on your posts?

If you have more friends on Facebook, this does not automatically mean you get several comments and likes on your posts. If you do not know how your friends/fans are reacting to your status messages, we should first look at what you could do to get higher interests in your status messages.

One morning and one evening

Several studies have proved that these are the times when people are most likely to linger on Facebook. One of them checks their Facebook account in the morning on the way to the office or after breakfast.

In the evening, the statistics showed that people had checked their Facebook account after dinner or after the shower. The time at which most of the people were on the evening lay at 20:00.

Give your opinion on other status messages

Through the regular interaction with your friends, a bond is formed automatically. This will most likely result in your site reviewing as well as your views on your posts. Many bloggers then feel compelled to return to their favor by regularly commenting on their contributions. This again explains the close community that makes up bloggers; check them regularly and comment on any other blog.

Ask your friends/fans for opinions

It does not always have to be the real world themes, such as "How would you influence the greenhouse effect?". People go to Facebook to relax, so such a question is rather unlikely and unsuitable. Your questions should be something fun, such as "Should I buy this travel bag for 400 € or rather the new iPad?" Quite simple and good enough to get some answers.

Remains relevant

This is especially true for those who have their own fan page. Make sure your contributions are always relevant to what you do; after all, your fans are connected to you for this reason. It's okay to post events or news, but as soon as you upload your personal photos and YouTube videos, you should not forget about the topics that are really relevant to your fan page.

Post more photos

The analyses of Facebook activities have shown that photos have received the most likes and comments compared to status messages, videos, and links. Ask yourself the question first, which probably more attention arouses ?. Would you rather read status updates, look at videos and click on links, which are definitely more boring than looking at a photo? Photos are usually more interesting, just as the saying "A picture says more than a thousand words," says.

Ask people to like your content

Sometimes, obvious questions are the best way to get things done! After you have posted a short status or picture, you add as a message a "Like my photo when you think it rocks!" It is amazing how many Likes actually gets it. If the picture of your friend/girlfriend needs your voice for a contest, what would you do? Would you vote for you, right ?

Ask for help/tips

People are bound to help a buddy in need if they could. People also love to show when they know something! So if you do not find a business in the city in the near future, it is enough to ask Facebook if someone can help.

These were the 7 easy ways to get more people to like and comment on your Facebook status messages. No matter what method you choose, remember that moderation is the key. Do not exaggerate with your contributions, gags, challenges, and questions, so you can just scare off your friends/fans.

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