5 Things you should never say in a Job Interview

Mayank Kumar
Mayank Kumar

Posted On: Nov 26, 2022

5 Things you should never say in a Job Interview


Words are not easily taken back especially when you’re not sure whether you will ever get the chance to redeem yourself again. Be careful what you say during job interviews or you might just kiss your dream job goodbye.

Beware of these statements that are highly likely to put you in a bad light.

My boss sucked.

Even when your relationship with your previous boss did not turn out well, and even when you trust all your colleagues to back you up, still, never badmouth the person or anyone for that matter.

Speaking negatively of others might only jeopardize your application. Remember, the interviewers care about you alone. They have no business with the issues you encountered with those you’ve worked with before. They care about your attitude.

And for sure, they would not want someone in their team who they suspect would only talk behind their back later on.

Sorry, I’m late.

To be followed by excuses such as heavy traffic, road accidents, getting lost and the list goes on.

You cannot greet someone you want to impress with an apology. Demonstrate that you want the job, more so that you are the right fit for the position.

Arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled interview time so you still can rest and do last minute freshening up. Never show up in the interview room with your pulse racing, catching breath and dead exhausted.

Visit the office ahead of time do so you can familiarize yourself with the estimated time of travel as well as alternate routes you can take.

Excuse me, I just need to attend to this call/ message.

If it was the interviewer exclaiming this, that’s okay. You cannot complain. But the other way around, it’s unfitting.

Many applicants still think it’s no big deal to respond to calls or messages during a job interview. But it’s not. Cut off your communication ties with the outside world for the meantime. Or at least put your phone on silent mode. The interview, after all, would not last for hours. You can always get back to those who were trying to reach you.

If you really want the job so bad, you’d heed this advice.

How much are you paying employees?

You cannot create an when your facts are insufficient. Wait until you are offered the job before inquiring about the pay.

Salary negotiations are not done during this stage when you are still uncertain whether you will get in.

Your primary focus should be to attract positive impression. And starting the conversation about money is least likely to do the trick. Unless the interviewer specifically requests and insists that you quote amounts.

I really need this job.

You need not tell the interviewers that you have tons of debts to pay, children to feed, or family to support. There are several ways you can show that you are interested.

Do your homework about the company. Formulate questions that manifest your knowledge about the business. Be there on time. Dress properly. Make sure your resume is presentable. Review it over again for typo error or grammatical mistakes.

Your preparation already speaks of your interest.

I have no questions.

Be careful about holding on too long to a question you have formulated only to lose track of the other points the interviewers are making.

Companies want employers who are curious, engaged and active. They do not need passive people in their team. Stay alert.

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