5 Reaching Out Tips for Newbies in the Workplace

Mayank Kumar
Mayank Kumar

Posted On: Jun 05, 2020

5 Reaching Out Tips for Newbies in the Workplace


Here’s to finally step into the "real world."

You now have a full-time job. Congratulations!

Soon, you will be taking care of your own bills. You are to use the money you earned yourself for your purchases.

But before you delve into that major change in your lifestyle, it pays that you invest first in earning a positive impression and building good working relationships with your colleagues.

How do you that?


Do not hesitate to offer help or assistance once you are done with your tasks.

Simple actions like printing a copy of their presentation or compiling files for your colleagues shall go a long way to forging connections. Come the time you need a hand, someone out there is sure to volunteer. You probably would not even have to speak.

Exude confidence, initiate the first move.

You were the one who made the cut. Prove you deserve the spot.

Manifest confidence when introducing yourself. Stand straight. Observe good posture so you avoid feeling lazy or drowsy. Take the first step to getting to know your teammates. Invite them to join you for dinner.

Sure, introductions and first days may come awkwardly. Everyone goes through that phase. Eventually, you’ll get used to your new work environment. The transition shall come easier though if you will exert effort blending in.

Arrive on time.

Prepare your outfit as well as your belongings before going to bed.

Indulge in a good night sleep so you do not feel grumpy on your first day. Coming to the office early shall give you the opportunity to at least take a deep breath and fix yourself before you finally meet your new office mates.

See to it that you maintain this adherence to time. Train yourself ahead of time if you are not used to waking up early. Adjust your body clock so that it is in sync to your new work schedule. Do not be that member of the team always disappointing others because of tardiness.

Admit you need help.

Your supervisor shall appreciate if you can work well with minimum supervision.

But remember, they also expect or assume that you will have inquiries, that you might not fully understand how things work. And that’s fine. Only that sometimes, they wait for you to approach them first. They do not want to appear as though underestimating your abilities.

In this regard, do not be shy to come up to them and request assistance when you need it. And do not just nod to every point your colleagues make. Validate your understanding of the task given to you. Repeat what you are told using your own words to check whether you are on the same page.

This shall make conversations more meaningful than you merely listening.

Dress right.

Some companies do not observe the formal dress code. Some allow jeans inside the office premises. However, it is best that you stay safe.

For the ladies, avoid showing too much skin. You do not want to attract unnecessary attention during your first days at work and be remembered for your suggestive attire.

The most important thing to note when dressing for work is a comfort. Ensure that the clothes you put on allow you to move conveniently.

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