4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Quit Your Job Abruptly

Mayank Kumar
Mayank Kumar

Posted On: Jun 05, 2020

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Quit Your Job Abruptly


Think you can no longer stand your boss or colleagues?

Even if your response is a screaming yes, still, disappearing abruptly from work should be your last option. Quitting may seem like the best option given the situation you are in, but this is the professional industry we’re talking about. Observing manners is imperative.

You might not get to work with the same people on your next jobs, but chances are they have connections you will eventually cross paths with. So never burn bridges. It is only expected that you will not like everyone at the workplace, same as you cannot expect everyone to like you back.

Keep your composure intact and let us talk about other reasons why quitting jobs should be done gracefully, no matter what.

Looking for jobs is never easy.

Let’s admit it. It’s tough looking for a job. Way tougher than writing a 1000-word And before you can even make yourself available in the market, you need to settle your finances first. Chances are you will not have a steady source of income for months and all you can rely on to is your savings.

It boils down to making practical choices. Bills would not cease coming, so as expenses. There is no way you can leave your bread and butter just that easy.

Career isn’t your lone concern.

So you are as well dealing with another issue in your life. You are experiencing misunderstandings with your spouse, siblings or perhaps parents. Or you are deciding whether to move to a new home.

It becomes harder to quit jobs when your plate’s full. Think about it. The situation would not get better anyway should you cut ties with your employer. You need the money. You probably are even receiving good pay, so it really is not that simply deciding to resign.

Applying for jobs requires a lot.

Are you ready to look for a new job?

Note that searching for a new job requires time, energy and yes, money. If you still are all stressed or enduring another major issue in your life then this would not come easy for you.

Let us make this clear though. There’s nothing wrong quitting especially if you have already carefully thought of that option. But do it gracefully. It’s not as if you can ricochet back to your old employer after you have left them hanging.

Controversial exits can get you into hot water.

So how are you going to explain your sudden resignation to your future employers?

Will you mention how cold your supervisor is? Shall you relay encounters you have had with your officemate who’s allegedly talking behind your back? You know this will not help boost your chances of getting hired. It might even jeopardize your career when you get lucky and the person interviewing you personally knows the individual you are talking about.

We’re living in a small world. It is not impossible that your previous and future work colleagues know each other, and are in fact close friends.

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