If you are preparing for a XML interview, Must go through these questions series.Here you will find latest interview Questions and answers on XML Frameworks and tools.

Xml Exam Questions and Answers.

What is XML?

Xml is a markup language similar to HTML that is used for defining a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that is understandable by both humans and machines. It was developed by World Wide Web Consortium and extended from SGML.

If you are preparing an interview on XML technologies the here you will found interview questions and answers on XML and its related technologies like Xslt, Xpath, and Xsd.

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Xml Exam Questions and Answers

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Xml Interview Questions

Extensible Markup Language (shortened as XML) is a language that has an assemblage of rules for encoding documents in human-readable and machine-understandable and the W3C's XML 1.0 specification of 1998 and additional related specifications, define XML. In addition to that, XML highlight simplicity and usability across the Internet and is a textual format with support via Unicode for human languages. However the intention of XML focuses on documents, it is employed for the representation of data structures such as the ones used in web services and in schema systems exist to assist XML-based languages, while programmers have improved many application programming interfaces (APIs) to aid the processing of XML data.

XSLT interview questions

XSLT is the short form for Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations, which is a language for transforming XML documents into other documents, or into other formats, which can again be converted to other formats, such as PDF or PNG and also, XSLT 1.0 is extensively supported in latest internet browsers.

XPath Interview Questions

XPath or XML Path Language is a query language for choosing nodes from an XML document and is also used to compute values from the content of an XML document. as well as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

The XPath language is based on a tree representation of the XML record and renders the ability to operate around the tree, picking nodes and an XPath expression is referred to simply as "an XPath". Moreover, driven by a desire to render a common syntax and behavior model between XPointer and XSLT, subcategories of the XPath query language are employed in other W3C specifications such as XML Schema, XForms and the Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) and has been selected by XML processing tools.

XSD Interview Questions

XSD or XML Schema Definition is an application approved by W3C, specifies on how to describe the elements in an Extensible Markup Language (XML) document and programmers use it to validate content in a document so that it checks if it adheres to the description of the element it is situated in.

Moreover, like all XML schema languages, XSD can be employed to express a collection of rules to which an XML document must conform to be considered valid according to that schema. However, XSD was designed with the aim that the determination of a document's validity would produce information adhering to specific data types and such a post-validation Infoset can be beneficial in the development of XML processing software.