Write program to remove consecutive duplicate characters in a string?

Posted On: Jan 07, 2021


A Program to remove consecutive duplicate characters in a string is as follows:

// Recursive Program to remove consecutive 
// duplicates from string S. 
#include <bits/stdc++.h> 
using namespace std; 
// A recursive function that removes  
// consecutive duplicates from string S 
void removeDuplicates(char* S) 
    // When string is empty, return 
    if (S[0] == '\0') 
    // if the adjacent characters are same 
    if (S[0] == S[1]) { 
        // Shift character by one to left 
        int i = 0;  
        while (S[i] != '\0') { 
            S[i] = S[i + 1]; 
        // Check on Updated String S 
    // If the adjacent characters are not same 
    // Check from S+1 string address 
    removeDuplicates(S + 1); 
// Driver Program 
int main() 
    char S1[] = "geeksforgeeks"; 
    cout << S1 << endl; 
    char S2[] = "aabcca"; 
    cout << S2 << endl; 
    return 0; 




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