What is Uni-REXX?

Sharad Jaiswal
Written by Sharad Jaiswal

Posted On: Aug 27, 2018


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Rexx Interview Questions

Enlist the features of Rexx as a programming language.

Following are the few features of Rexx-Rexx language has a very simple syntax format. Rexx can support multiple functi..

Rexx Interview Questions

Does Uni-Rexx give me any capabilities designed specifically for the UNIX environment?

Rexx offers a rich set of functions other than the standard language features. These functions are designed specificall..

Rexx Interview Questions

Is it possible to combine Uni-Rexx with a compiled language in any application? What applications interfaces are there?

there are wide Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) available in uni-Rexx. These APIs help in starting a new Rexx ..

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