What is the difference Linux and Redhat?

Laleet RAj
Laleet RAj

Posted On: Jan 07, 2021


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    Difference Between LINUX AND REDHAT

    There are so many operating systems out there in the market but the ones which really stand out are those which hand over their users a satisfying experience. Here we are trying to compare two popular operating systems that have their separate fan base spread all over the world in terms of their service and utility and the two of them which we intend to talk are Linux and RedHat Linux. As we know that no two legends of the same field have coexisted without being compared so the same is applied when we wish to encounter the fore mentioned operating systems.

    Linux is like an old horse in this operating system race as it was introduced to the world back in 1991. It quickly gained popularity among the developers due to the presence of a list of different useful functionalities that it came with which had no comparison when compared to its counterparts for example shells whether it’s Bash or Zsh were way better than ones provided by Windows. Linux has versatile schemes for disk partition which allows the user to divide his/her storage in their own ways. The stability of the Linux system is always on papers whenever we are listing the pros of Linux as an operating system. The main fuel behind the development of Linux was that the developers wanted to provide a Unix based environment that will be powerful, reliable, stable and yet easy to use which acted as the root of the tall tree called Linux.

    RedHat Linux marked its entry into the operating system world in 1995 a few years later to the origin of Linux. It was the product of RedHat which is basically an organization that provides a solution to different enterprises. The highlight of RedHat Linux was the graphical installer called Anaconda which was something new in those old times, another thing that caught the user’s attention was a built-in tool called Lokkit whose features overlapped with that of firewalls and worked towards the security of the system. Its release was discontinued after 2004.

    The two had a close relationship not just in terms of similar names but in terms of performance and service they provided but the one which stood out was Linux.

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