What Is Talend tool?

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 22nd Feb, 2020

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    Priyag Chaudhary

    22nd Feb, 2020

    Talend is an open-source data integration platform and provides various software and services for data integration, data management, enterprise application integration, data quality, cloud storage, and Big Data. Talend first developed into the market in 2005 as the first commercial open source software vendor of data integration software.

    In October 2006, Talend launched it’s very first product – Talend Open Studio which is currently recognized as Talend Open Studio for Data Integration. Since then, it has delivered a wide range of products which are used quite favorably in the market. Talend is acknowledged to be the next age leader in the cloud and Big Data integration software.

    It helps companies in taking real-time decisions and become more data-driven. Using Talend, data becomes more accessible, its position enhances and it can be moved quickly to the target systems.

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