What is Software Prototyping? List its benifits?

Sharad Jaiswal
Sharad Jaiswal

Posted On: Nov 18, 2020


In software engineering, software prototyping is the prototypes of software applications which are referred to as incomplete versions of the software program that is yet to be developed. Its benefits are:

  • A Fail early and inexpensively: The risk of failure always exists in real innovation. With the help of the prototype, it is easy to remove the approaches that don't work. In this way, the developer can focus on approaches that will work.
  • Reduced time and costs: With the help of the prototype, both the quality and requirement of the specification can be improved. Customers can expect the higher cost and the hurdles associated with the project and they can also anticipate the potential result of the disaster.
  • Technically understand the problem: It is always better to understand the problem that has to be faced before developing the software. By creating a prototype, it is easy to analyze the technical challenges to create the design. After that, it is quite easy to implement the solution to a more elegant system.
  • Conflict resolution: Engineers have different ideas on how a certain feature can be implemented. With different opinions, it is not easy to decide the final product. But thanks to prototyping, we can create different iterations of the feature and analyze the resulting performance. Thus, prototyping not only saves time but also helps in deciding the best design.
  • Funding: If the prototype is working, then there is a probability that your final design will also work. The major advantage is that it reduces the risk for the investor to invest in your project.
  • Easily file patents: Prototype can also be used to patent your idea. So, it is the best and safest way to use a prototype.

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