What is pipelining in microprocessor?

  • PatrickOresy
  • 25th Feb, 2020

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    Priyag Chaudhary

    21st Feb, 2020

    Pipelining is a technique in which a processor decides to line up the instructions it has received. By lining up, it simply means to divide the programs instructions into different and smaller segments. These smaller segments or the sub-operations will then start working in the stages they are allotted to work. Or you can simply say it is a process where the operation is divided into smaller sub-operations and are solved in allotted sections.

    For an instance, let's say you have a pizza restaurant where the customers have started coming. Now when you get the first order you will start making dough of it, after arranging the veggies and cheese on it and you will put it in the oven. So, there will be three stages; first is to make a dough, second is to spread vegetables and cheese on the dough, and third is to put it in for the baking. Each process will take, let’s say 10 to 15 minutes. Now as the number of orders will start increasing, you will keep allotting the work in the respective stages following the line of process; stage 1—stage 2—stage 3. As soon as dough will get completed it will go to stage 2 meanwhile another dough making will start happening in stage 1 hence leaving none of the stages empty.

    Similarly, as soon as the allotted work in one segment will end, it will be allotted to another segment and so on. This way the efficiency and productivity of the computer increases.

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