What is NLP?

Sharad Jaiswal
Written by Sharad Jaiswal

Posted On: Dec 01, 2018


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NLP interview questions

List some Components of NLP?

Below are the few major components of NLP.Entity extraction: It involves segmenting a sentence to identify and extract entities, such as a person (real or fictional), organization, geographies, ev...

NLP interview questions

List some areas of NLP?

Natural Language Processing can be used forSemantic Analysis Automatic summarization Text classification Question AnsweringSome real-life example of NLP is IOS Siri, the Google assistant, A...

NLP interview questions

Define the NLP Terminology?

NLP Terminology is based on the following factors:Weights and Vectors: TF-IDF, length(TF-IDF, doc), Word Vectors, Google Word Vectors Text Structure: Part-Of-Speech Tagging, Head of sentence, Nam...

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