What is difference between Redis and Memcached?


Posted On: Jan 08, 2021


The differences between Redis and Memcached are as follows:

It was released in 2009.It was released in 2003.
It was developed by Salvatore Sanfilippo.It was developed by Danga Interactive.
It uses single cores.It uses multiple cores.
In Redis, the maximum key length is 2GB.In Memcached, maximum key length is 250 bytes.
It is simple and easier to install as compared to Memcached.It is difficult to install.
It uses list, strings, hashes, sorted sets and bitmaps as data structure.It uses only string and integers as data structure.
Its reads and writes speed is slower than Memcached.Its reads and writes speed is higher than Redis.
It supports Master-Slave Replication and Multi-Master Replication methods.It does not support any replication method.
It is more durable than Memcached.It is less durable than Redis.
It has Document Store, Graph DBMS, Search Engine, and Time Series DBMS as secondary database models.It has no secondary database models.
It uses persistent data.It does not use persistent data.
It supports Sharding.It does not support any partitioning method.

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