What are the features of RavenDB?


Posted On: Mar 27, 2020


RavenDB provides for the following features:

  • Performance: RavenDB can achieve 100,000 writes per second. Moreover, one million reads can be done on commodity hardware. RavenDB is developed with Voron, a custom-made storage engine, which enhances RavenDB’s performance.
  • Studio Management: RavenDB’s Graphic user interface makes its’ users experience fun for both experts and non-expets. It’s one of part of any license that includes user’s free community version.
  • Fully Transactional: RavenDB is a non-relational database, first of its kind. It can achieve ACID across the entire database and maintain the features of any SQL while taking user’s capacity to the next level.
  • Multi-Model Architecture: RavenDB engages well with other relational databases, giving its users the opportunity to use any NoSQL layer along with RavenDB
  • Multi-Platform: RavenDB can work on Windows, Windows Tablet, Linux, MACOS as well as Raspberry platforms.
  • High Availability: RavenDB is break free of the single server bottleneck. It can set up a distributed data cluster in a small amount of time as well as replicate user’s database in real time so users can be everywhere at the same time, and always available to their clients.
  • Ease of Use: RavenDB is very easy to install, can be simply secured, and can be learned fast. The query language of RavenDB is mostly SQL. Using any training resources, one can become an expert in just a few days time.
  • Specially designed: Users can spend more time coding and less time finding support. RavenDB comes with ways to help its user’s self-solve problems and minimize overhead.  

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