What are the advantages of Flask Python?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


Flask Python comes with all the advantages of Python and some additional pros of it are:

  • Flasks design is lightweight and modular. Therefore, it is easy to transform it into the web applications or framework when one needs very few extensions without weighing much.
  • Flask is ORM-agnostic: i.e. user can plug in their favorite ORM like SqlAlchemy
  • The basic foundation of API is very nicely shaped and made coherent.
  • Documentation of flask is very comprehensive, filled with lots of examples and are well structured. Users can even try out some sample applications to really get the real feel of Flask.
  • It is very easy to deploy Flask in production as Flask comes with 100% WSGI 1.0 compliant
  • Flask can handle HTTP request easily with help of its functionalities
  • It is highly flexible. Its configuration is even more flexible than that of Django, which gives its users plenty of solutions for every product they need.

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