What are major effects of Electrical Faults?

Sharad Jaiswal
Sharad Jaiswal

Posted On: Sep 24, 2020


The various effect of faults in the power system are:

  • Overheating and mechanical stress can be caused due to the heat generated from the high amount of the fault.
  • Due to the arcing caused by heavy currents, there is always a danger of fire. If the fault remains for a longer time the fire may spread to the component of the system.
  • Overheating also weakens the insulation and can lead to reducing the life of insulation.
  • The unbalanced current and voltage can cause the heating of rotating machines connected to the system.
  • All the generators are interconnected with each other so it is necessary to synchronize. Unbalancing of the current and the voltage can shut down the entire system and in a worse situation, it may lead to a blackout.
  • It can also reduce the reliability of the system because of interruption in the supply to the consumers
  • In addition to this, fault can also damage the equipment used in the power system network.

So, to avoid the above problem it is important to replace the faulty part from the system.

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