What are different types of scope in coldfusion?

Leon Katsman
Leon Katsman

Posted On: Apr 10, 2020


The different types of scope available in the ColdFusion are,

Variables - Variables are available only during the execution of the template.

URL - URL variables are available only for the current request.

Form - Form variables are only available for the current request.

CGI - CGI variables are available only for the current request.

Query - The data stored in the pointer are available for the current request.

Server - The server scope is available across all the requests until the server shuts down.

Application - The application variables are used by all the connected clients for current applications.

Session - The session scope is available only to the current session and can persist until the termination of the server or application.

Request - The data in this scope is available to the current request.

Arguments - This scope is mutually exclusive with the local function scope.

Attributes - This scope is available during the lifespan of the custom tag.

Local - This scope is mutually exclusive to the argument scope.

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