Tell me some GIS softwares that you are familar?

Murali Krishna
Murali Krishna

Posted On: Apr 10, 2020


GIS software is very helpful while locating the exact geographical positions for land management and LIDAR analysis. They include a wide range of applications that have a combination of digital maps and georeferenced data. They can be crucial in terms of business as the software allows a person to pan, zoom and tilt the map according to their needs.

Some of the best GIS software I know are

  • Esri Arc GIS
  • Arc GIS online
  • Google Earth Pro
  • Google Maps API
  • Map info pro
  • Maptitude
  • Surfer
  • QGIS
  • Google Beacon Platform
  • Auto CAD Map 3D
  • Google places
  • Map viewer
  • Oracle Spatial
  • Global Mapper
  • GRAS16. Maptitude
  • Manifold GIS

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