List some Splunk basic commands?


Posted On: Mar 12, 2020


Some of the basic Splunk commands are,

  • Abstract - it produces a summary for each search results
  • Accum - it keeps a running total of a specified numeric field
  • Bucketdir - It replaces a field value with higher-level grouping
  • Chart - it is used to return results in a tabular output for charting
  • Cluster - it is used to cluster similar events together
  • Delta - it is used to compute the difference between two search results
  • Eval - it calculates the expression and puts the result into a field
  • Guage - it transforms the result into a format suitable for display by the gauge chart types
  • K-means - it performs k-means clustering on selecting fields
  • Search - it searches the Splunk indexed for matching events
  • Sort - it sorts the search results by the specified fields
  • Top - it is used to display the most common values of a field

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