What are the important configuration files of Splunk?


Posted On: Mar 12, 2020


Some of the important configuration files in the Splunk are,

  1. App.conf - it is used to configure the app properties
  2. Authorize.conf - it is used to configures roles
  3. Bookmarks.conf - it is used to bookmark the monitoring console URLs
  4. Collections.conf - it is used to configure the KV Store collections for apps
  5. Eventtypes.conf - it is used to create event type definitions
  6. Indexes.conf - it is used to manage and configure index settings
  7. Inputs.conf - it is used to set up the data inputs
  8. Searchbnf.conf - it is used to configure the search assistant
  9. Web.conf - it is used to configure the Splunk Web

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