List out the differences between ActivatedRoute and RouterState, with reference to Angular 2.


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    Difference between activatedroute and routerstate

    RouterState is an interface which represents the state of the router as a tree of activated routes. Every node of this tree knows about the "consumed" URL segments, the extracted parameters, and the resolved data.

    RouterState Interface looks like:

    interface RouterState extends Tree {
      snapshot: RouterStateSnapshot
      toString(): string

    ActivatedRoute interface provides access to information about a route associated with a component that is loaded in an outlet. Use to traverse the RouterState tree and extract information from nodes.

    ActivatedRoute Interface looks like

    interface ActivatedRoute {
      snapshot: ActivatedRouteSnapshot
      url: Observable<UrlSegment[]>
      params: Observable
      queryParams: Observable
      fragment: Observable
      data: Observable
      outlet: string
      component: Type | string | null
      routeConfig: Route | null
      root: ActivatedRoute
      parent: ActivatedRoute | null
      firstChild: ActivatedRoute | null
      children: ActivatedRoute[]
      pathFromRoot: ActivatedRoute[]
      paramMap: Observable
      queryParamMap: Observable
      toString(): string

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