How to use Adobe Illustrator?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


Steps to use Adobe Illustrator are as follows:-

  • A new user should start by trying to create posters with basic texts and color editing.
  • After that, one should try to create a brochure so that you get a more vivid understanding of length, width, height, and layout.
  • Now one is eligible enough to use the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator for drawing sharp curves. At this point, all your attention should be on drawing and sketching.
  • Once a person is skilled enough to use the pen tool effectively, he/she can try drawing something from first to last.
  • Next comes learning to use more tools for a good design. Shape tool helps to create accurate shapes such as a rectangle or square. Pathfinder tool helps in creating 3-D shapes.
  • After being skilled at drawing perfect designs in Illustrator comes the use of colors. There are various tools available for coloring variations too.

Following all the above-mentioned steps try creating a beautiful design from start to finish.

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