How to connect entity framework to sql server?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


The entity framework can be connected to the SQL Server in the following way:

  • A console application is to be created
  • Create a class by right click on the application
  • Create the variables of the class and set the required properties
  • Save the class Add one more class in the same way
  • Right-click and create a new folder for generating the Framework Dynamic Link Library (DLL)
  • The folder can be renamed as the developer wants
  • Save the application before adding any framework
  • Right-click the Program.cs file and select the required properties for copying the program’s address
  • Right-click on the window of the program and copy the required address for adding the DLL framework
  • After copying the address, put it in the c: drive bar and search for the folder previously added
  • After finding the folder, add the Entity framework DLL
  • Right-click on the references and add it to browse the DLL framework
  • The application configuration file is added
  • The DB path and database name should be declared using the App. Config file
  • In the main program, declare the context and objects
  • Press F5 to execute
  • In the SQL server, the database has been created successfully

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