How many types of layout are available in Bootstrap?

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 22nd Feb, 2018

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    12th Apr, 2023

    Bootstrap is a popular front-end web development framework that provides a variety of layout options to help developers create responsive and mobile-friendly websites quickly and easily. Here are some of the layout options available in Bootstrap:

    • Grid system: Bootstrap's grid system is a flexible and powerful layout option that allows developers to create responsive layouts using rows and columns. The grid system is based on a 12-column layout, and it can be customized to fit different screen sizes and devices.
    • Containers: Bootstrap provides container classes that help define the width and padding of content on a page. There are three types of containers available: .container, .container-fluid, and .container-xl.
    • Flexbox utilities: Bootstrap includes a set of flexbox utilities that allow developers to create flexible and responsive layouts using the CSS flexbox layout model.
    • Responsive utilities: Bootstrap provides a range of responsive utilities that allow developers to hide or show content based on the screen size or device.
    • Cards: Bootstrap's card component is a flexible and reusable content container that can be used to display a variety of content, including text, images, and buttons.
    • Jumbotron: The jumbotron component is a large, full-width container that can be used to showcase a prominent message or call to action.

    These are just a few of the layout options available in Bootstrap. The framework provides a wide range of components and utilities that can be combined to create unique and customized layouts for a variety of web applications.

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