How many syntax's that sass support?

Ebîñ Râykãr
Ebîñ Râykãr

Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


The Sass has supported two syntaxes which are Indented (sass) and scss.

  • Indented (sass) syntax:

The semicolon and curly bracket remove and add a colon before every property tag.

:color pink 
:font-size 12px
  • scss syntax:

The scss syntax is the same as a CSS syntax with its own modification.

Color: pink;
font-size:  12px;

Example:- how to convert the SASS file and SCSS file

  • To convert the SASS file to the SCSS file.
sass-convert filename.sass filename.scss
  • To convert the SCSS file to the SASS file.
sass-convert filename.scss filename.sass

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