Explain uds frame format?


Posted On: Dec 29, 2020


The UDS frame format is as follows:

  • First Frame
  • Single Frame
  • Flow Control Frame
  • Consecutive Frame

First Frame: If there are more than 8 bytes of data then PCI will begin with a "1" to indicate the first frame. This is the first part of a segmented message.

Flow Control Frame: It is an Acknowledgement from the receiver that follows the first frame begins with "30". The second byte specifies how many Consecutive frames will pass before a Flow control is again sent. The third byte specifies the delay between 2 consecutive frames. 00 for as soon as possible. Consecutive Frame

Consecutive Frame: It allows the first flow control frame. It begins with "21", goes all the way to "2F" and restarts with "20" if more data is there.

Single Frame: This is for the transfer of Unsegmented messages. PCI - first nibble is zero. The second nibble ranges from 0 to 7.

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