Enlist the advantages and disadvantages of Appium.


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


There are various advantages of Apium which are as follows :

  • Provides cross-platform for testing both native and web applications
  • JSON wire protocol well supported
  • Recompilation of application is not required
  • Independent of mobile device
  • The automation test is supported by Appium on a physical device and simulator as well as an emulator.
  • Appium is based on Selenium which is its strongest point of this tool.
  • Designed to encourage a two-tier architecture.

Appium has also a few disadvantages like :

  • Cannot support older versions of Android (lower than 4.2)
  • It has very little capability to locate and recognize images.
  • Common gestures are yet to implement in Appium.
  • Support of hybrid applications is limited

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