Differentiate between PHP5 and PHP7.


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    Difference between PHP5 and PHP7

    PHP5: PHP5 came four years after the release of PHP4 and it had a lot of improvements and new features, but the release of PHP7 has outdated its features. In PHP5 there was an option to pass the object by reference and not just by the value. The framework of MySQL was also reworked in this one, there were a lot of changes that were made to support the latest extension of MySQL.

    The performance of PHP5 is comparatively low than PHP7 and there is no provision for the return type in it. In PHP5 handling fatal error was a tough job for the developers. There was a need for individual declaration for the common spaces in this one, and it didn’t support 64-bit integers. The concept of anonymous class was missing in this one and for comparison, the developer had to use a lot of operators. If there is no value available to return then to return null values the developer had to write explicit code.

    PHP7: PHP7 is the most important release in the world of web development languages, through this several websites can be developed from mobiles to enterprises to cloud.

    There were many features of PHP7 and some of them are listed below:

    1. Improved Performance: The merge of PHPNG with PHP7 made it twice as fast as PHP5.
    2. Memory Consumption was reduced: Because of the optimization, PHP7 utilizes lesser resources.
    3. Declarations of Scalar Type: The enforcement of parameters and return type is possible in PHP7.
    4. Supports 64-bit integers: It was developed to consistently support 64-bit architecture machines.
    5. Fatal Error could be Converted to Exceptions: To handle fatal errors the range of exceptions was increased, in PHP7 it is possible to convert many fatal errors as exceptions.
    6. The Addition of Secure Random Number Generator: The new secure random number generator API was added to the PHP7.
    7. Removal of Deprecated APIs and Extensions: There were many apps and extensions that were not supported in the version and they are removed from PHP7.
    8. Return and Scalar Type Declarations Are Supported: The Return and Scalar Type declarations are supported in PHP7.

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