What new features PHP7 has in store for us?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


PHP7 has opened gates for coders to make programing language a better experience for them. As compared with PHP5, several upgradations have been made in PHP7. These are-

  • Scalar type declarations– PHP7 has added scalar type hints such as int, strings, Boolean, etc in its long list of features. Earlier type hints were not available in previous versions, classes, arrays. This new addition to PHP has allowed coders to write correct and better PHP programs and ensures input consistency of the function.
  • Return type declarations– To stimulate this function, we put the colon before opening curly brace. It ensures output consistency and works same as type hints. Return type declarations ensure the type of value returned from a function.
  • Spaceship operators– it is the feature added to PHP7 that compares two expressions. It returns less than, greater than or more than values.
  • Closure:: call() function– it temporary binds the object scope to a closure and invokes it. Closure are anonymous functions that act as callbacks for later executions. Call methods in PHP7 have aided the process for coders.

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