Differentiate between COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTIF, and COUNTBLANK in MS-Excel.


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


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    Difference between COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTIF, and COUNTBLANK in MS-Excel

    COUNT function: The use of count function in MS Excel is to count numbers present in the text data. For counting, you need to select a cell and then enter the syntax, =COUNT (Range). Only the numbers of selected cells will be counted.

    COUNTA function: The purpose of the COUNTA function is to count the cells ignoring all blank cells. This function is not present by Default in Excel. You need to go to more functions and search for COUNTA. You can also create direct syntax for it by using, =COUNTA (Range).

    COUNTIF function: In case you want to count certain cells with criteria then you need to go with COUNTIF function. You can select the particular range/s for which you want the count.

    COUNTBLANK: If you are in need of counting all blank cells in your datasheet then you can use the COUNTBLANK function of MS Excel. It will also differentiate the cells which are actually blanked or formula return blank.

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