Describe negative infinity in JavaScript?

Sharad Jaiswal
Sharad Jaiswal

Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


NEGATIVE_INFINITY property represents negative infinity and is a number in javascript, which is derived by ‘dividing negative number by zero’. It can be better understood as a number that is lower than any other number. Its properties are as follows:
– A number of objects need not to be created to access this static property.
– The value of negative infinity is the same as the negative value of the infinity property of the global object.

The values behave differently than the mathematical infinity:

  1. Any positive value, including POSITIVE_INFINITY, multiplied by NEGATIVE_INFINITY is NEGATIVE_INFINITY.
  2. Any negative value, including NEGATIVE_INFINITY, multiplied by NEGATIVE_INFINITY is POSITIVE_INFINITY.
  3. Zero multiplied by NEGATIVE_INFINITY is NaN.
  4. NaN multiplied by NEGATIVE_INFINITY is NaN.
  5. NEGATIVE_INFINITY, divided by any negative value except NEGATIVE_INFINITY, is POSITIVE_INFINITY.
  6. NEGATIVE_INFINITY, divided by any positive value except POSITIVE_INFINITY, is NEGATIVE_INFINITY.
  8. Any number divided by NEGATIVE_INFINITY is zero.

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