Explain Event bubbling and Event Capturing in JavaScript?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


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    Answered by Anil Saini
    • Javascript is a lightweight programming language
    • Javascript used for client-side web development used to make web pages interactive with html code
    • JavaScript is developed by Netscape software company

    String, Number, Boolean, Function, Object, Null and Undefined are datatypes supported by JavaScript

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    Answered by Priyag Chaudhary

    Event Bubbling in Javascript

    At the time of developing a web page or web application with JavaScript, you must come across the event bubbling. It is a technique of event handling where one element occurs inside another element. In another term, at the start of any event, the target element runs all the ancestor elements from bottom to top. At present all browsers are having the technique of event bubbling in JavaScript by Default. You can also stop event bubbling if needed by using the method of event.stopPropagation(). To stop the flow of events from the target event in DOM then this method will help you in stopping the events from traveling bottom to top.

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