Wordpress Developer Interview Questions


Posted On: Jan 31, 2023

Wordpress Developer Interview Questions


How to get prepared for WordPress Interviews in 2023

The web industry is a rapidly evolving one and provides huge opportunities to youngsters with aspiring minds and goals. So, when the word Web developer comes to mind, it means a specific set of skills. And in this case, WordPress is the stepping stone.

WordPress is the most popular blogging system currently used on the web, at around 60 million websites are built on WordPress. It is easy to learn and the main and core idea of WordPress is developing an architectural and fully functional website. So, there are a lot of career opportunities waiting for you out there.

Below are some tips for preparing for WordPress Job Interviews:

Career Paths in WordPress

Well, WordPress provides you with different streams of career, the candidates are free to choose any stream they like as per their interest as the ball is in their court.
Below is a description of career paths available in WordPress for a candidate interested in applying for a job in WordPress.

  • WordPress Designer – If a candidate chooses this path, then he/she has to deal with the designing, the overall look of the website like site architecture, color, layouts, fonts, etc.
  • WordPress Developer – WordPress developers are high in demand nowadays. If a candidate chooses to be a WordPress Developer then he/she has to deal with the coding part of the website to make the website functional and interactive.
  • WordPress site builder – The WordPress site builder can be defined as a person with a combination of both the skills of WordPress Designer as well as WordPress Developer, though the major tends to the hacking part of the sites.

Eligibility criterion of the WordPress Interview

A candidate to nominate himself for the WordPress Interview for any career path has to have the knowledge required for the respective fields.
Below is the information regarding the minimum knowledge required to apply for a job position related to WordPress in any field.
For WordPress Designer Jobs Interview – In order to apply for a job in the field of WordPress Designer, one has to have knowledge of the following aspects.

  • Photoshop
  • Fireworks
  • Illustrator
  • WordPress

For WordPress Developer Job Interviews – If you are applying for a job in the field of WordPress Developer, then you have to have knowledge of the programming languages to perform the coding. The programming languages you will require are:

In-depth knowledge of the WordPress core, themes, plugins etc.
For WordPress Site builder – If you are applying for a job in the field of WordPress Site builder, then you will have to have the basic knowledge of photoshop, designing, coding, and hacking.

A brief sketch of WordPress Interview Questions

At the beginning of the interview, you won't be introduced directly to the core of the subjects.You will first be tested for thorough basic knowledge, with some simple WordPress Interview Questions.
An interviewer seeks a sound foundation of the subject in the candidate. So, he will generally begin the interview with the easiest and most common WordPress Interview questions.
Later, you will be asked some structural WordPress Interview Questions, like if you are applying for a WordPress Developer job, then you will be asked to state the codes for a certain function or the datatypes for a specific constant and like so.
So, it is mandatory for the candidate to have a sound basic foundation in the subject. The interview reckons on how much depth you are acquainted with the knowledge of the subject with core questions of the subject.
In the end, your problem-solving skills are also tested along with WordPress Interview Questions. You will be asked to find a solution to a problem that you may encounter while developing or designing WordPress.
Such WordPress Interview Questions prove to be the interview decider.
If you are able to impress the interviewer with a wise solution, then you got the ball rolling!!

Preparation for WordPress Interview

Interviews are never as easy as pie.
Definitely, an interview makes one a bundle of nerves but that does not mean that cracking it is an impossible task.
It requires proper planning and an intelligent approach. One cannot become a WordPress Designer or Developer overnight, he/she has to make themselves aware of the knowledge of the basic and core things required in becoming one, and also needs to know the kind of WordPress Interview Questions that will be asked.
If you have already acquired the knowledge of WordPress, then you have to make sure to revise the fundamentals a day before the interview, because your fundamentals score you the most.
Brush up and enhance your knowledge of the subject, and try to browse the solutions for different problems and answers for different WordPress Interview Questions, as at the end that is what will make you jump off the shark.
If you are done with the things mentioned above, then you are perfectly ready for the interview.

A word to the wise

Avoid the last-minute revision that does nothing more than increase the levels of unnecessary nervousness.
And try to be honest and frank while answering the questions as that will save you from a bad impression on the interviewer, who can learn you with just a few glimpses.

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