5 Powerful Benefits of Push Notifications in eCommerce


Posted On: Jun 04, 2020

5 Powerful Benefits of Push Notifications in eCommerce


With a sudden rise in the competition in the world of eCommerce, it is becoming difficult to stand out from rest. In recent years the eCommerce market has grown a lot, so today customers prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes. This means the face to face conversations are reduced.

Now the problem is that communication with people is lessening at an alarming rate. But as in the world of business, it is essential to engage with peoples. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to meet sales targets. So there is a requirement of a strategy that can help to engage with customers.

Well, you must have probably heard about the term Wordpress-WooCommerce push notifications.

Yes, push notifications is a strategy that can help you to engage with people effectively. How?

Let us understand this by going through 5 powerful benefits of Wordpress Push Notifications in eCommerce.

  1. Reach your audience with a single click: The prime benefit of using push notifications is its ability to reach anywhere in the world instantly. To send push notifications to people you only require their one-time permission. Once the permission is granted by the user, you can send them notifications without their further approval. This means you can reach your users throughout the world anytime you want.

    It only takes a single click to glow the user’s device with push notifications of your choice. This will help you to grab the attention of both casual browsers and first-time visitors.

  2. Customer Retention: Customer retention is considered as one of the prime aspects of every business plan. But it is one of the difficult tasks to perform. It is due to the reason that you cannot judge exactly whether your customer is happy with your products or not.

    Customer retention depends upon the experience provided to users by providing them quality products and good suggestions.

    Here push notifications become handy in engaging with customers. It will let your customers feel that they are crucial for your platform. A study has shown that 60% of customers are happy to go with the same platform if their issues are handled properly.

  3. Personalization: One of the crucial factors that can increase sales at a high level. As every customer has its own liking. Maybe your product is liked by one customer but another customer is not interested at all. So you can use automated push notifications to sort out this issue.
    • Segmentation of customers is important to consider when dealing with a variety of customers. By tracking the purchase history and search history of customers you can send push notifications accordingly to their interest.
    • Demographics are another factor as gender, age, location, and interests vary from person to person. This data can be used effectively for sending more personalized push notifications as per requirement.
  4. Power of Rich Media: One of the advantages of using push notifications for your eCommerce business is its ability to support rich media. Push notifications are composed of images, graphics, texts, emojis, and so on. It creates an eye-catching effect and manipulates users to open and see them. Now what happens is sometimes the user has not planned for purchase. But when they go through push notifications, the urge is generated in users. This finally ends up in the sale.

    So, if you are struggling with your sales then push notifications can benefit you. It also helps you in increasing traffic to your platform.

  5. Abandoned shopping carts notifications: Today abandoned carts have become a huge problem with eCommerce stores. According to global statistics, about 69% of the online shopping carts are left abandoned by customers. A lot of customer’s visits to eCommerce stores show interest in a particular product. Then they add them to the wish list or even add to the cart but never go for final checkout.

    There must be certain reasons behind this. They got engaged in another activity, changed their mind, got a better deal, or shifted to another platform for a lesser price and so on.

    In these situations push notifications are effective. As automated notifications start glowing the user’s device after a certain amount of time. It reminds them to proceed ahead with checkout.

Conclusion: Push notifications have become a need to survive in the eCommerce market. There is hardly any eCommerce business in the world that is not using them to their advantage. If you have not implemented them, it’s a ripe time to implement them. This will not only help you to make your task easy but will also help you with sales.

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WonderPush, provides a simple and inexpensive way to send push notifications to apps and websites. It provides you with a WordPress-WooCommerce push notification service that can give your eCommerce business, unique identity in the market.

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