Top 5 Laravel CMS and their Features


Posted On: Jun 04, 2020

Top 5 Laravel CMS and their Features


Here in this session, I am going to deal with the top 5 Laravel based CMS and their Features.When we are talking about the Framework vs. CMS's, we usually compare them both. But the CMSs are build up more in the way when compared to the framework.

Below is the list of top 5 Laravel CMS.

  2. Asgard CMS
  3. Coster CMS
  4. Pyro CMS
  5. Quarx CMS



It is the self-tested and open source and its own content management system. The main CMSs based on the lateral web application and programming language. It was released in the may 15, 2014. Its stable realize was 430 / December 1, 2017. Its development state along the build is always active. The October CMSs takes the full advantage of modular CMS that grows with you, with a precise and beautiful interface that comes with the best nature in a second way.

Seven reasons to use October.

  1. It builds the administrative interface which requires for the minimal programming.
  2. Flat files are used to serve the main web structure.
  3. Rich file user manager with image cropping and CDN support.
  4. You can perform many another web task with the OCTOBER CMS.
  5. Using the inspector the main world dashboard which makes you reliable for the October CMSs.
  6. It has many plug lings which contain the main thing and helpful tools main remain the times at best level.
  7. Updates and plugins are should be delivered with a package manager.

2. Asgard CMS

Asgard CMS

This project has started in 2015, in less time it has made a great building. Its install is done from the main command line. Asgard CMS is fully multilingual with support for a big array of different languages. It is fully modular each option is separate and decoupled module. Asgard CMS is also actively maintained the structure. Its last comment on Github was within the last month. So we can recommend the Asgard CMS.

Key Features of Asgard CMS.

  1. Amare attractive dashboard, coupled with custom widgets, gives people more effective to see.
  2. Content management is out of the box. You can add the custom field to enhance your pages.
  3. You can define image thumb line dimensions.
  4. The permission is flexible and easy to manage the options.
  5. You can customize your main menu any order or drop link etc.
  6. The Asgard CMS is mainly to continue the better moving option a better level of CMS.

3. Coster CMS.

Coster CMS

Coaster was designed to be flexible, users can easily manage apparently complex website features with ease.

Following are few features of Coster CMS.

  1. Unique "repeater" block feature for hugely flexible websites
  2. Developer friendly, Secure and Good for blogging.
  3. Built-in SEO tools (automatic sitemap with 301 redirects)
  4. User-friendly interface with multiple menus supported
  5. Versioning and publishing system and many more you going to love this

4. Pyro CMS.

Pyro CMS

It was re-built from CodeIgniter for the pyroCMS version bit up to 2.0 with the latter have a bigger step of CMS.

Top 6 Features of Pyro CMS.

  1. It has the best feature and easy to use the page user management.
  2. Create immersive posts to engage your advice.
  3. Driver based file management with integrated level.
  4. Authorization and powerful user management.
  5. It has variable help concerns.
  6. It has variable content power by the field types.

5. Quarx CMS

Quarx CMS

Quarx, it is a CMS for a better Laravel application. It provides numerous featured components that enable developers to get put together the main applications but also provide the means for the people who edit the content of their powerful applications.

Installation steps of Quarx CMS

You must create the Laravel application and make a main provided link database.

Run the following command line.

composer require yab/quarx

you just add the following to your providers.


Then run vendor publish the main file

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Yab\Quarx\QuarxProvider"

Thanks for reading.

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