Benefits of learning PHP Language


Posted On: Jan 31, 2023

Benefits of learning PHP Language


PHP is a popular and much-liked service-side scripting language for the web. It is used all over the internet and is mentioned in many web page tutorials and programming guides.

In general, PHP is used to add to the functionality of a website that HTML solely cannot achieve.

But, what does that mean? Why is it used so often? And, what are the benefits that you can get out of using PHP? So, let's have a brief look at the benefits of using the PHP language.

Performs calculations

From figuring out what day it is or what day of the week May 30, 2050, falls, to performing all kinds of mathematical equations, PHP can perform all types of calculations.

Mathematical expressions are made up of operands and operators. Basic mathematical addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication are done using mathematical operators in PHP. Large numbers of mathematical functions are a part of the PHP core and no installation is required to use them.

Collects user Information

PHP collects user information and also lets users interact directly with the script.
It is something really simple like collecting a temperature value and converting it from degrees to another format or into something that the user wants. Or even something much more extensive like adding their information to the address book, participating in a survey, or letting them post on a forum.

Interacts with MySQL Databases

PHP is specifically very good at interacting with MySQL databases, which opens endless possibilities. With PHP, you can write user-submitted information to a database as well as retrieve the information from the database.
This lets you create pages on the fly using the contents of the database. Complex tasks like creating a website search feature, setting up a login system, or keeping your store’s product catalog and inventory online can also be performed. PHP and MySQL can also be used to set up an automated picture gallery to showcase the products

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Works with cookies

PHP works with the cookies. Cookies are purposely used to identify the user and save the user’s preferences as given on the site. So that the information does not have to be re-entered each time the user visits the site.
The cookies are small files that are embedded in the user’s computer. You can create, modify and delete cookies as well as retrieve the values of the cookies in PHP.

Create Graphics with GD Library.

PHP and GD Library create Graphics. The user can use the GD Library that comes with PHP to create simple graphics on the fly or to edit the existing graphics.
The user may want to resize the images, change them to grayscale, rotate them, or make thumbnails of them. The practical applications allow the users to edit their displayed avatars or generate CAPTCHA verifications. The user can also create dynamic graphics that are always changing, such as the dynamic Twitter signatures.

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