AngularJS: A better Option to grow your career


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018

AngularJS:  A better Option to grow your career


In today date, we find everyone busy with their smartphone, even can’t think a bit to have a life without them. As the number of smartphone user increasing with the time, so the importance of web development pacing at a great speed. The smartphones which have great features such as GUI, amazing apps, Battery backup, etc. have a large market in contrast with others. Most companies have indulged their hands in the mobile web development to have magnificent profits and to accomplish this, companies are rushing to find the best talent that takes their enterprise at a level of sky-scraping. To fulfill their cravings, the role of AngularJS developers starts which helps in enhancing the web development process greatly. The training of AngularJS also aids the web developers to create mobile applications in a very short period of time. But the question arises in everyone’s mind which is- Can I choose AngularJS as my career? To sort your problem, we present you an article that may help to clear your doubts and enables you to choose the field freely that you like.

A slight introduction to AngularJS

As you may wondering to make your future dependable on AngularJS, here we tell you what an AngularJS developer can do. As a superheroic JavaScript framework, AngularJS is the most widespread front-end application among the web developers. It has set its realm by walking up the aisle and secure its place by clean bowled the previous JavaScript frameworks like EmberJS, ReactJS and many more. The utmost feature of AngularJS is its ability to create single Page Applications (SPA) which ensures the better performance. AngularJS is easy to learn and provides the re-usability tool that aids value in preparing SPA. Along with all this, redundant coding is reduced, thus improves the efficiency of mobile applications to a great extent.

What an AngularJS developer can do?

Developed by Google to simplify front end, AngularJS is a structural framework for building web applications by extending HTML capabilities. AngularJS developer enables the browser to dynamically display content and make capable to download on the server. It also provides the UI developer enhanced flexibility to give intuitive web page designs. In the present time, it is impossible to create Single page application without AngularJS. That’s why AngularJS is also termed as the next big thing for the web applications.

Roles and responsibilities of AngularJS developer:

With increasing demand for single page applications, the plea of AngularJS developers is also rising as AngularJS is emerging as the development platform favored by cash-rich enterprises. So, to remain in the competition, the AngularJS developer must have to follow their roles and mesmerize the customers by creating amazing web applications. Here we present some responsibilities that necessities each AngularJS developer to obey:

  • An AngularJS developer must always write tested, idiomatic and documented HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Code.
  • AngularJS developers should transform the user experience into a highly smooth and hassle-free.
  • By using AngularJS, mobile applications are made easier and more intuitive than the other frameworks that are available in the market.
  • As AngularJS provides the reusability tool, thus allows the developers to write a code on IOS without exchanging the UI for each platform that is worked on.
  • An AngularJS developer must coordinate with the backend developers to develop the API that ensures the high performance on Mobiles and desktop.

In today’s world, nearly most of the tasks performed online, the web browser is the new computing hub, and thus users expect much more from the browser to handle the e-commerce. All these functions can be fulfilled by AngularJS, so it is now being mandated top-down by companies whose business completely depends on web presence. Therefore, a plethora of job opportunities are opening up in this field and AngularJS developer has become one of the highest paid jobs.

Why AngularJS is preferred over other Javascript Frameworks?

It is all its features that make it more demanding than others in the enterprises which are described below in the form of the table.

Key features of AngularJS that enhanced its functionality:

#Key FeaturesDescription
1MVC frameworkAngularJS provides with a smooth Model View Control Architecture which is very dynamic in nature. All the MVC elements combined using AngularJS framework thus, makes easier for developers to build-client side web applications.
2Reusable CodeAngularJS make easy for developers as there is no need to write different code according to the devices that is used for running the applications. Thus only one application is used over different platforms.
3User Interface with HTMLAngularJS uses the HTML to build the user interface which is very simple to understand.
4FiltersThis helps in filtering the data before it reaches the view. In actually, filters put the data in the proper format before viewing and helps the developers to not do it manually.
5Unit TestingWith the use of AngularJS, the testing becomes simpler. The application uses the Directive injection and tests the data inside the controller to find out the errors.
6DOM ManipulationCoupling with all these, AngularJS is an open source JS framework that performs DOM Manipulation.
7Data BindingAngularJS automatically binds the data together using Directive injection and hence reduced the work of binding the data manually.

Web applications are building with the uses of AngularJS which is user-friendly, initiative and highly interactive. These key features make AngularJS special among other frameworks.

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Career opportunities for the AngularJS developers:

Today, AngularJS is the highlighted topic in web application development. The web developer job is growing, as the e-commerce continues to expand. Thus, the web application enterprises rushing to hire the skilled and experiences developers for their web development projects. As AngularJS has qualified for being an elegant framework, so the companies are moving towards the AngularJS developers. This is the golden opportunity for the AngularJS developers to establish their career in the perfect direction. Here we show some important points that tell why the MNC companies are moving toward AngualrJS:

  1. The popularity of AngularJS:

    The demand of AngularJS reflects the popularity and gives the bright picture of the demanding skills. We can say that just as 15 century is the golden period of literature, today is the golden time of AngularJS. The unique features such as user-friendly, reducibility, data binding, etc. are the prime reason for AngularJS to continue rising at a vast pace.

    Since it provides the enhancing performance in mobile and web application, the enterprises and the developers showing the keen interest in AngularJS. As it helps them in writing a minimal line of codes, no need to write differently for different platforms. With AngularJS, data can be easily modified and along with that the most difficult part, testing becomes as easy as breathing.

    So, the popularity of AngularJS opens the door for AngularJS developer to make the career that will never be down.

  2. Demands of Enterprises:

    By now, you have the basic idea of how the AngularJS is growing and how hard the enterprises need the AngularJS developers for their websites. Web development is a field that will never face a trough because users always expect more from the current. Thus, the companies always want their websites and mobile applications to be unique, it adds up to their goodwill and affects their market. This framework will always remain at the peak, so choose your career by adding up the emerging framework in your resume and get ready to earn the decent pay.

  3. Future Scope of AngularJS developers:

    IT is a sector that will always develop very rapidly. So, if you are interested to make your future in this field, then definitely you are going right but also, you should be updated about the recent progress. If we talk about frameworks, then AngularJS is an excellent framework that alone stood among others. If you are looking for a future in web development, then absolutely AngularJS is the framework you should learn. A plethora of opportunities are waiting for you in this field, so encourage yourself to stand out with your decision.

Qualification and skills required for AngularJS Developers:

AngularJS is creating a buzz around the world these days. So, it may be possible many developers will try to learn AngularJS to set their career in this field. But if you want your career stabled, you should have extra skills that make you better and unique in this field. Here we describe some of the skills that you must equip with:

  • An Angular Developer must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science.
  • Strong expertise with HTML and JavaScript, and capable of writing error-free codes.
  • An Angular developer must have good communication skills to interact with clients and users.
  • The developer should have a thorough knowledge of how to handle databases, API, proxies and other web serviced that are used in the system.
  • The developer could be expert in any one of the modern JavaScript MVC frameworks like JQuery, NodeJS, etc.
  • Experience in RESTful services and JavaScript tools like a gulp.
  • An AngularJS developer must have a good understanding of AJAX and DOM Manipulations.
  • A developer must have a hand on the complex AngularJS applications, directives, and services to get a good and highly paid job.

If you are acquired with these skills, then no one can deny you to offer the job in his/her company. It will be beneficial if you started to prepare yourself from now to get hired in a good company.

Salaries offered for AngularJS developers:

The salary of AngularJS developer depends on many factors. For Example, if you are doing a job in the USA then you get high pay, or if you working in India then you may get low pay in comparison to the USA. But if you are enough capable then it doesn’t matter where you are working, you will absolutely get high pay scale in that company. Your salary also may vary on the basis of experience, or the position you are working on. Here we will give you an estimation of the AngularJS developers.

Approx salary on the basis of experience in Angular Js (India):

ExperienceAverage salary
0-1 year experience3-6 lacs
1-2 year experience4-10 lacs
2-4 year experience4-15 lacs

Now, you are capable enough to make your decision to choose your career in AngularJS is good or not. Yeah, but, this is also true you should always update yourself in the latest technology that will be better for career growth. From the above discussion, we can say that AngularJS is a golden asset for those who are planning to make their career in the field of web development. Learning and getting trained in AngularJS is really worthy and a great investment for your future. So, Fold your sleeves and start it today!

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