6 AngularJS Frameworks to learn


Posted On: Nov 26, 2022

6 AngularJS Frameworks to learn


Best Angularjs frameworks List in 2023

When dealing with a complex project, just a simple technical approach is all it needs to get the required result. And amidst dealing with the project to get the desired output the developers really go through a tough time.

In all such circumstances of building a perfect web or mobile application, only a framework can come to the rescue of the developer. The framework really eases out the tasks with the best possible end outcomes.

AngularJS, one of the most prominent frameworks, has rightly been identified as the leading open-source JavaScript web application framework under Google's maintenance. It assists the developers in enhancing the potentiality of MVC (Model View Controller) and also web-based applications. The frameworks are said to really simplify the job of developing and testing the application.

According to the stats, AngularJS has attained much popularity in the industry and business, which is about 18.69%. But the task gets tricky when it comes to the selection of the framework for the development of AngularJS, as there is a wide array of top-end frameworks that support AngularJS available to choose from.

Some popular AngularJS frameworks

Some of the top-end frameworks or the most used among the community of developers are:

These are some of the most considered top-end frameworks by web and mobile application developers. The fact is that the time since these front-end frameworks have hogged in the industry they played the role of a helping hand for the developers reducing their efforts when creating complex apps.

And, many developers are gladly switching and adopting the latest frameworks in the industry which are more advanced and help to get more accurate results. All these frameworks provide various advantages and allow the developers to develop the apps more efficiently and swiftly.

AngularJs frameworks List

Let's explore and understand some of the best and most potent AngularJS frameworks like Ionic, Onsen UI, LumX, Supersonic, Angular UI Grid, and Mobile Angular UI frameworks that a community of developers really thinks are the best in developing web and mobile applications.

1. Ionic Framework

Ionic Framework

The ionic framework offers the best web and native app components to develop web apps that are highly interactive and progressive as well. This framework is one of the most considerable robust and capable front-end AngularJS frameworks.

It is considered to be the first preferred choice of web developers in case of developing responsive applications within a less budget. It not only helps in the seamless operation of the device but also enhances the experience of the end users.

The framework is powered by the SDK (Software Development Kit) and a library of user interface components to build hybrid applications.

Few Features List of Ionic Framework

  • The framework is 100% free and open source, powered by a massive worldwide community.
  • It is fully Cross-platform, allowing the developer to build progressive web and native mobile apps for every app store with just one codebase.
  • Comes with over 120 native device features like Fingerprint Auth, Bluetooth, Health Kit, and many more with Cordova/PhoneGap plugin and TypeScript extensions.
  • Also offers first-class documentation allowing the developer to build the apps with real app examples, demos, and guides.

Favorable factors of Ionic Framework.

  • The framework is built to perform great on the latest devices with the best practices like efficient hardware, touch-optimized gestures, and accelerated transitions.
  • With all the ready-made components, gorgeous base, and typography the framework is simple, functional, and designed to work and display beautifully on all the latest mobile devices.
  • The framework is native and web optimized.

Unfavorable factors of Ionic Framework.

  • Performance is not always the best, especially in the case of the older versions of Android.
  • Plugins are not available for everything, in case of any requirement the developer needs to program it.
  • Can't be used for heavily graphical stuff like video games.

2. Onsen UI

Onsen UI

The Onsen UI is an open-source AngularJS framework with the components for HTML5 hybrid mobile application development based on Cordova/PhoneGap. The framework provides comprehensive tools and services while allowing the developers to build mobile apps using the web technologies like HTML5, CSS, and JS.

The framework has JavaScript framework-agnostic, which means allowing the developers to build the apps with or without any Javascript framework.

key Features of Onsen UI

  • With the technologies like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML the developers can experience streamlined development with the zero-time setup.
  • The framework offers a rich variety of user interface components that are specially designed for mobile applications.
  • Side menu, stack navigation, and many other components such as list and forms are offered by the framework. All these components have iOS and Android support.
  • All the animations in Onsen UI have been optimized to perform well on a wide variety of devices.

Favorable factors of Onsen UI

  • Though the framework is powerful and is used to create complex mobile apps, it is quite easy to learn. Lots of learning resources and documentation, community forum, and interactive tutorials are available online.
  • The Onsen UI works really great with Monaca, as it offers a powerful command line and desktop app that simplifies complicated tasks. The Monaca debugger can also be used to test the apps on various devices.
  • The framework is designed to have equal compatibility with both Android and iOS devices.

Unfavorable factors of Onsen UI

  • Without customization, you won't be able to use it even for tablet apps, as they target the limited viewport and incorporate phone UX patterns.
  • Since they are designed with the PhoneGap in mind, the apps are hosted in the WebView component and are likely to address some common WebView problems like GPU acceleration for better performance.

3. Supersonic

Supersonic framework

The Supersonic is the first UI framework that is solely designed for developing outstanding hybrid mobile applications. It is the best of what native apps, HTML 5, and other top frameworks have to offer.

It is the front-end AngularJS framework that has got the tag of the most reliable and dynamic framework used for the building of hybrid applications. This AngularJS framework has been implemented with the REST API features and functions.

Salient Features of Supersonic Framework

  • The Supersonic Framework's declarative user interface style with the seamless interplay of native UI and HTML5 in the background makes developing complex mobile apps easier.
  • Supersonic Data provides the developer with the simple JavaScript syntax to interact with any data set in the backend. It is a framework with the integration of REST APIs, a data browser to modify the backend data and a CRUD scaffold generator to get the developer going.
  • Supersonic gives you a slick set of APIs to interact with the native capabilities of the device. So, basically, you can access the device features like a boss at your fingertips.

Supersonic Framework Favorable factors

  • It is built on open web standards so that the developer can use whatever frameworks he is familiar with.
  • The framework comes with a complete set of 150 icons, which can be used by declaring a class. Take a glance at the entire set and pick the one you want.
  • Consider it as a consistent platform for both iOS and Android devices.

Unfavorable factors of the Supersonic Framework

  • Not for the HTML5markup-based developers.
  • Black-boxing is useful only when the Appgyver cloud services are used.

4. Lumx

LumX framework

The LumX AngularJS framework is the first responsive front-end framework. It helps in designing the applications faster and easier. When it comes to making the choice for the best front-end framework, Lumix is considered as one of the key players in developing web-based applications.

It follows all the standards and specifications of the Google Material Design documents. If designing customized apps is the primary motive then LumX has the potential to automatically optimize the files and improve the functionality of the applications.

Features of LumX

  • It is built with SAAS, alongside Neat and Bourbon.
  • The framework has a smooth and cool design with a range of features.
  • The customized application design is among the upsides offered by this front-end framework.
  • The framework uses jQuery to boost the web application’s performance.
  • The framework relies on AngularJS to facilitate web application development based on the MVC design patterns.

Favorable factors

  • The features it comes with help the developers build the apps in accordance with Google Material Designs. It is a fully responsive front-end framework.
  • Comes with smooth functionality and cool features.

Unfavorable factors

  • Not much functional when compared to the other AngularJS frameworks.

5. Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI

The Mobile Angular UI framework is recognized as another UI-based framework that attracted a large community of web developers. It is proven to be the best choice in building HTML5 mobile apps.

Angular UI Features

  • The framework provides essential mobile components that are usually missed out in Bootstrap 3 like overlays, switches, sidebars, scrollable areas, and absolutely positioned top and bottom navbars.
  • To achieve a better mobile experience the framework relies on the libraries like fastclick.js and overthrow.js.
  • A super-small CSS file is provided so that the developer can just include it to get a fully responsive and touch-enabled interface, which can be used anywhere from desktop to mobile and back.

Favorable factors of Angular UI

  • It is easy to comprehend and to work with.
  • Allows the moving of web apps into mobile devices, as they are highly responsive.
  • Allows designing of apps that draw huge traffic.
  • The framework is powered with robust libraries.

Unfavorable factors of Angular UI

  • Mobile Angular UI does not utilize the approach of templating like other frameworks, where the HTML elements are utilized by the frameworks to manage the task of multiple HTML elements and adds some processes to increase RAD and decrease the code bloat.

6. Angular UI Grid

Angular UI Grid AngularJS framework is considered to be the most worthy framework when it comes to working with complex sets and modules with a variety and range of features like sorting, filtering, visualization, groping, expansion and many others. The framework primarily assists in binding the cells and run columns.

Features of UI Grid

  • The framework comes with a set of standard features and advanced features.
  • Considering the standard features of the framework the developer gets access to some of the basic features like sorting, filtering, user interaction, and e2e testing integration.
  • Considering the advanced features of the framework the developer gets access to advanced features like virtualization, column pinning, edit-in-place, grouping, expandable rows, and internationalization.
  • The framework also provides a huge list of Third-party features as well.

Favorable factors of UI Grid

  • The developer gets access to customizable templates.
  • Change the appearance and feel with the customizer and CSS.
  • Provides drop-in plugin system.

Unfavorable factors

  • It becomes difficult to debug at first.
  • Overkill the simpler pages.


AngularJS is the most popular JavaScript framework that eased things out for developers in designing web as well as mobile applications. But the thing is the developer needs to button on the right framework from the number of options available out there.

Choosing the best open-source user interface frameworks is the toughest job indeed but can get easier when the features, functionalities, and user interface components offered by the frameworks on your considering list is weighed together.

And, with the changing technology each day the developers are switching their methodologies and practices and are embracing techniques that are faster, simpler, and more accurate. So, all it depends on how wisely a developer makes the choice in choosing the AngularJS framework that suits the business objectives and can efficiently develop the project.

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