What tools are used for compiler construction?


Posted On: Dec 30, 2020


The tools used for compiler construction are as follows:

  • Parser Generator
  • Scanner Generator
  • Syntax directed translation engines
  • Automatic code generators
  • Compiler construction toolkits
  • Data-flow analysis engines

Parser Generator generates syntax analyzers from the input that is based on a grammatical description of programming language or on a context-free grammar.

Scanner Generator generates a finite automaton to recognize the regular expression.

Syntax directed translation engines produce intermediate code with three address formats from the input that consists of a parse tree.

Compiler construction toolkits supply an integrated set of routines. It also helps to build compiler components or in the construction of various phases of a compiler. Automatic code generators generate the machine language for a target machine.

Data-flow analysis engines gather the information, that is the values that flow from one part of a program to another.

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