What is use of useEvent() React hook?


Posted On: Jan 02, 2023


useEvent is a custom React hook that is used to listen for and handle events. It is not a built-in hook in React, so it is likely that it was created by the developer of the codebase you are working on.

The useEvent hook takes two arguments: the event type and a callback function to be executed when the event is triggered. It returns a function that can be used to remove the event listener.

Here is an example of how useEvent might be used:

import { useEvent } from '../customHooks';

function MyComponent() {
  const handleResize = () => {
    console.log('Window was resized!');
  useEvent('resize', handleResize);

My component

In this example, the useEvent hook is being used to listen for the resize event on the window object, and the handleResize function will be called whenever the window is resized.

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