What is the use sub_filter directives in Nginx?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


A sub_filter directive in Nginx is a replacement string. It allows you to perform modifications by replacing specific string to another one. The updated version of Nginx allows you to use multiple sub_filter directives simultaneously. There are different sub_filter directives for different purposes like

  • To set a string replacement

    Syntax: sub_filter string replacement
  • To preserve the last-modified header

    Syntax: sub_filter_last_modified on | off;

    Default: sub_filter_last_modified off;
  • To remove the header field with specific content

    Syntax: sub_filter_once on | off

    Default: sub_filter_once on;

  • Indicate the place of each string either for replacing once or repeatedly

    Syntax: sub_filter_types mime-type .

    Default: sub_filter_types text/html;

It is always suggested not to use a third party sub filter module, it may be powerful but there can be a lot of bugs. Instead you csj use the standard sub filter for your needs.

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