What is the meaning of component lifecycle in Angular 2 ?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


The component lifecycle hooks overview the life cycle sequence and the interfaces. Angular manages the life cycle of a component. Angular creates it, renders it. It can also create and render its children. It also checks when its data-bound properties change. It can even destroy it before removing it from the DOM. The life cycle hook offered by angular provides the visibility into these key life moments and the ability to act when they occur. The components go through an entire set of processes or life cycle right from its initiation to the end of the application.

There are a number of lifecycle hooks which are listed below:–

  1. ngOnChanges
  2. ngOnInit
  3. ngDoCheck
  4. ngAfterContentInit
  5. ngAfterContentChecked
  6. ngAfterViewInit
  7. ngAfterViewChecked
  8. ngOnDestroy

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