What is the difference between Linux and Windows?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


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    Difference between Linux and Windows

    Linux and windows are both operating systems ruling the tech world for more than a decade. Windows is the oldest operating system that came in 1985 preceded by Linux in 1991 and then by Mac os in 2001. Both of these operating systems are running successfully along with other operating systems in the market such as Mac and Ios, android is also used widely in today’s time but it is a part of Linux. In this article, we will state some major differences between these two greatest operating systems.

    Let's start with their definition

    Windows - Windows is an OS that has inaccessible source code. Windows OS is great for people who do not have much programming knowledge of a computer and for commercial purposes as well. It is quite direct and straightforward to work with.

    Linux - Linux is based on Unix and hence is a free and open os. It supports both the interfaces, programming as well as user. It is a multiuser system and protects the different processes running in the system. Page sharing and copy-on-write are used by the memory management system in Linux to reduce the duplication of data being shared for different places.

    Major Differences between Linux and Windows

    Windows is not customizable, so users cannot modify the code.Linux is customizable and the user can modify the code to change the look and feel of the system.
    Weaker security as compared to Linux.Linux provides a high-security system as it is open-source.
    It is necessary to boot windows from the primary partition.Whereas Linux can be booted from both primary as well as logical.
    The backslash is used to separate directories.The forward slash is used to separate directories.
    File names are not case sensitive.File names in Linux are case-sensitive.
    Uses microlithic kernelUses monolithic kernel
    Takes less spaceTakes more space
    Running efficiency is less than that of LinuxThe running efficiency of the system is better than the windows.
    Windows come at a price.Linux is free of cost.

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