What is Java hipster?

Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


Java Hipster or JHipster is an open-source tool to create a modern web application using Angular or React and the Spring framework. The client-side technologies used in the JHipster are Yeoman, Webpack, Angular, React, and Bootstrap.

The server-side technologies used in the development are Maven, Spring, Netflix OSS, Spring Data JPA, Spring MVC REST.

Other major functionalities of JHipster are database migrations, generating CRUD entities, NoSQL support, Websockets support, and Elasticsearch support.

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    Is JHipster open source?

    Yes. JHipster is a free open-source tool....

    JHipster interview Questions

    What is registry in JHipster ?

    The JHipster Registry is an open-source runtime application that is licensed under Apache 2. It has three main purposes. They are,It acts as an administration server. It has dashboards to monitor...

    JHipster interview Questions

    Enlist few popular companies using JHipster?

    The companies that use JHipster are Accenture, Adobe, Atos, AccorHotels, Banco Sabatel, Bank of the West, Bosch, Barclays Capital, CERN, CGI, Carrefour, Google, HBO, HCL, HSBC, Hewlett Packard, Info...