What is a difference between joiner and lookup transformation?

Nilesh Aher
Nilesh Aher

Posted On: Dec 31, 2020


The difference between joiner and lookup transformation is as follows:

Joiner :Lookup :
A joiner is used to join data from different sources.lookup is used to get related values from another table or check for updates etc in the target table.
It supports Equiv Join only.It supports both Equiv and Non-Equiv join.
It may be we can perform outer join only.Lookup used to source as well as the target.
Joiner is used to source only.It can not perform the outer join in lookup.
It may used only the "=" operator.It may used = , < , > , <= . >= operators.
In joiner maybe not present in lookup override.It may be present in the lookup override option.
Joiner table must participate in mapping.The lookup may not participate in mapping
Joiner is used for joining two homogeneous or heterogeneous sources residing at different locations.Lookup is used to look-up the data.
Joiner is an Active Transformation.Lookup transformation is a Passive transformation.

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